Planning the Ceremony

LilliesInitially I will hold a meeting with you and any others you wish to involve to discuss what you would like for the ceremony. This would take place at your home, your funeral directors or similar location. I will talk about your loved one with you for you to share your thoughts and  memories about him or her and the things that made them who they were.


I will then work with you to design a service which best reflects the life of your loved one and gives them the greatest honour. This ceremony can either be semi-religious or non-religious, whichever and however you prefer.




You can include any readings, poetry, hymns, sacred words or rituals, pieces of music, songs, etc, in the service – anything you like. I have a selection of popular readings or ideas for music which may help with inspiration should you wish to see them. I can also provide ideas of other things you may like to include in the service. I will also liaise with your chosen Funeral Director and others you may choose to contribute to the service.


I will then write a draft ceremony script after this and contact you with this to discuss any changes needed before producing the final draft.


Wooded path

On the day of the service, I will officiate the service for you and invite others involved in the ceremony to speak. If you or any other does not feel able to proceed with giving their contribution,  I will step in and do this for them.


Once the ceremony is completed, you will receive a presentation folder with two copies of the ceremony script and a personal note from myself. I am happy to produce more copies for a small charge.


My standard fee for a full Cremation/Natural Burial service is between £150-£250, depending on the length of the service and the location. For a short Committal service or Scattering/Interment of Ashes service it is £50-£100, dependent on location.